Digital Signage describes the use of electronic displays to quickly and directly communicate with an audience (eg. customers or employees).

Your message is dynamically published on all screens in your network no matter where in the world they are located, giving you the most flexible "billboard" yet.

Core Benefits

  • Quick and attractive way to stay in touch and communicate with your customers
  • Updates may be published at any time, around the clock and from anywhere in the world
  • Animations and videos increase the visual impact compared to traditional printed ads or poster displays
  • Advertise directly at the point of sale to help your customers find the best product
  • Live information from the internet increases your audience's interest and keep them tied to your screen (eg. weather, RSS feeds, breaking news)
  • Match your target audience: using scheduled playlists you'll show the right ad for the right customer at the right time

Use Wondersign to manage your info screens, ad screens or welcome screens from a truly easy-to-use web platform. No matter whether your screens are all located in the same building or widely distributed over the globe in all your showrooms. The only requirement for a screen to function properly is a working internet connection.

Range of Applications

  • Advertising: Screens directly at the point of purchase or point of information, in stores, shopping malls, pharmacies, clothing boutiques, restaurants, hotels, etc. Use Wondersign in-store TV to get your customers' full attention.
  • Information and Wayfinding: Keep your customers and employees up to date. Wondersign is ideally suited for offices, waiting rooms, hospitals, hotels, public buildings, airports, buses, trains and more. Our digital media players are built rugged and engineered for permanent operation.
  • Flexible usage, indoors or outdoors: Wondersign may be used anywhere and its internet connection can be established through a network cable, WiFi or even 3G/4G/LTE wireless.

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