Catalog Kiosk: The Power of the 'Endless Aisle'

Wondersign enables retailers to maximize their floor space by using the power of the "endless aisle". With interactive kiosks and mobile tablets, consumers are offered a broader assortment of products in even the smallest physical store environments. Wondersign offers the blazing fast catalog application as a powerful sales tool for retailers fully customized with individual product selections. Read this article about kiosks skyrocketing sales when paired with an associate in brick & mortar stores.

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Digital Poster Boards: Maximize Your In-Store Message!

Wondersign digital poster boards engage shoppers with brilliant content that boosts in-store sales. Use engaging video, ads and images to promote featured brands.

Upsell and cross-sell − anywhere in the store!

Even better, you can rotate and change your digital messages in seconds, or let the experts at Wondersign manage the content for you. Manage your own content with just a few clicks, or use our in-store marketing experts to manage your displays - all at affordable monthly rates.

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Ambient TV: Keep Shoppers In Your Store Longer

Wondersign’s eye-catching Ambient TV solution attracts and engages customers with carefully tailored, continuous-loop HD content that draws them, and keeps them, in the store. Choose from Living, Dining and Youth channels for the perfect content in every vignette. This plug-and-play Ambient TV solution provides you with a powerful network of storewide TVs that draw customers’ interest in seconds and augment the overall shopping atmosphere for a much improved experience.

Interested to learn more? Read this article on why Ambient TV works so much better than cable in a retail environment and this article describes the impact customers' moods have on your bottom line.

Wondersign's plug-and-play Ambient TV takes only minutes to install store-wide. And you can even use your existing flatscreens! Get Started Today!

3 Channels Feature Carefully Curated Content

Wondersign Ambient TV includes sports highlight reels from popular franchises such as NFL, NBA, NHL, PGA, MLB, MLS, and many extreme sports. Optimized for the respective target audience the channels feature adventurous and visually stunning video content from all over the world, the very best of the Internet such as social media highlights & viral videos, best of TV with segments from popular shows - all optimized for mute playback. Also channels feature high quality hidden camera content, animal videos and animalistic viral content. Especially to engage millennial shoppers, Ambient TV showcases animated social media segments such as 'hilarious tweets' and 'awful texts'.

PSIN - Crucial Information For First Responders

Public Safety Information Network (PSIN) makes a difference when seconds matter. Connected screens will display mission-critical information to first responders, including dispatch information in real-time, a map of the location, and the fastest route from the station. The monitors also display apparatus maintenance schedules, shift vacancies, weather radar, department notes, social media feeds, daily activities and much more based on each department's individual communication needs.

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Panasonic OpenPort Platform

Wondersign has partnered with Panasonic to support the new Android-based OpenPort Platform built into the Panasonic AF1 series of professional displays. This display-embedded media player eliminates the need for an external device, and it is now available in the 42-, 49- and 55-inch versions of Panasonic's 24/7 digital signage displays. Learn more...

Google Chrome Media Player App

Turn any Chrome device into a versatile Wondersign media player in just a few simple steps. Wondersign's Chrome app is available in the Chrome Web Store, adding powerful hardware options to our lineup. Learn more about Chrome.

Incredibly Easy to Use

Wondersign's intuitive drag & drop interface works with any web browser. Built with small and medium sized businesses in mind, it does not require any special training or specific technical knowledge.

Low Monthly Fees

Starting at an affordable $39 USD a month, Wondersign includes 250+ free templates for various industries and supports standard hardware and technologies.

Powerful Content Tools

A built-in Template Editor, automatic transcoding of video files, PDFs and PowerPoint documents, and full HTML5 support for dynamic content and interactive touch-screen applications.

Free Support & Content Advisory

In addition to standard tech support, Wondersign's Content Advisors will help you to get the most out of your investment by delivering attractive content that works and sells.