Incredibly Easy to Use

Wondersign's intuitive drag & drop interface works with any web browser. Built with small and medium sized businesses in mind, it does not require any special training or specific technical knowledge.

Low Monthly Fees

Starting at an affordable $39 USD a month, Wondersign includes 250+ free templates for various industries and supports standard hardware and technologies.

Powerful Content Tools

A built-in Template Editor, automatic transcoding of video files, PDFs and PowerPoint documents, and full HTML5 support for dynamic content and interactive touch-screen applications.

Free Support & Content Advisory

In addition to standard tech support, Wondersign's Content Advisors will help you to get the most out of your investment by delivering attractive content that works and sells.

The Power of the Endless Aisle

Wondersign enables furniture dealers to maximize their floor space by using the power of the “endless aisle”. With an interactive kiosk or mobile tablet, furniture dealers can offer consumers a broader assortment of products in even the smallest physical store environment. Wondersign offers the catalog application fully customized with individual product selections.
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Technology Partnership with NEC Display

Wondersign and NEC Display Solutions of America are proud to partner together in a move that offers more versatile high-end turnkey solutions to its digital signage customers. Read more...

Introducing Anonymous Video Analytics

Wondersign integrates IntelliSense - an automated audience measurement tool that collects and delivers metrics and analytics from the offline world enabling context aware messaging. Read more about analytics...