The Basic Plan - Anything But Basic

Includes the essentials to create an omnichannel shopping experience for shoppers visiting your store online and offline. 


Catalog App for Kiosks & Tablets

Sell More Per Square Foot

Catalog Kiosk is the digital version of your product catalog. The touch application for in-store kiosks and tablets helps retailers like you provide a greater selection in their brick & mortar stores.

Wondersign's Basic Plan includes:

  • 1 Kiosk and 1 Tablet license
42" kiosk with attractor screen showing top categories
22" Kiosk showing categories page for chairs

Managed Data Feeds

Your favorite brand catalogs available on the Wondersign platform.

Brands coming soon....

  • Legacy Classic
  • Universal
  • Jofran
  • Steve Silver
  • ACME

Don't see a brand that you want? Talk to your brand rep about getting the catalog for Wondersign!

  • Sunny Designs
  • Rowe Furniture
  • Fusion Furniture
  • Bedgear
  • VIG Furniture

Text with Leads and Close the Deal

Wondersign and Podium have teamed up for a re-marketing text integration. Engage in two-way text conversations with shoppers who shared products and shopping carts from your Wondersign Catalog Kiosk App. You can now see the responses from shoppers and follow up to close the deal.

Export All Your Product Data


Clean, Kitted, And Priced Product Data

Consistency across all channels is necessary to compete in today's retail world. Offer your guests a seamless product discovery experience across ALL your channels.

Our easy-to-use CSV downloader gives you the product data and pricing in a spreadsheet format - all with one simple click! 

Try the export for yourself. You can download a sample file of 50 products before signing up for Basic Plan.

Download Data via CSV

Use Your Product Data Anywhere

Upload your product data to the platform of choice. Use it to power your Facebook Shop, an e-commerce website, Instagram shoppable ads, and Pinterest galleries.

Not a fan of the manual process? Wondersign's powerful data API allows you to update your product data automatically across selling channels.

Automate The Sync


Inventory Management Tools


Give your guests the shopping experience they expect! Accurate and up-to-date inventory records at the point of sale are crucial to close the deal.

Never leave your guests alone on the floor. Instead of manually checking the availability in the manufacturer's database, you can check factory availability* in just a tap. Complete with re-stocking dates and quantities.

Vendor Inventory

Your Local Inventory

Import or connect your showroom and warehouse inventory to the Wondersign platform. Knowing and prioritizing what you have on hand, will help you sell through your idle inventory faster!

Are you ready to give shoppers the information they're looking for?

*Feature available for select brands only.


Build Your Own Feeds

Whether you want to update product information or add new products to your catalog, the product importer does it all. Manage your catalog data for all selling channels in one platform.

Upload & Update Products via CSV file

Wondersign's product importer allows you to:

  • Add your own products to your catalog
  • Customize the sort order of products
  • Update or add custom SKUs
  • Update or add custom product names
  • Add or update related items
  • Import custom products kits

Sue Nelson owned a small-town clothing consignment shop for over 30 years in Rolla, ND. One day, she had to make a tough decision - one that can make or break an independent retailer. It paid off and Sue’s re-invented business is now flourishing. Find out how she did it…. 

How Sue Was Able To Transform Her Business

Pricing & Subscription Details

(when paid annually)

$200 month over month


Basic Plan


  • The App License (for 1 kiosk and 1 tablet)
  • Endless Aisle Platform to Curate & Price Catalogs
  • Product Data Exports
  • Import Your Own Product Data for Catalogs
  • Local & Manufacturer Real-Time Inventory

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