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A plethora of SKUs, limited floor space, and strong online competition - retail is in need of smart solutions. Wondersign's Catalog Kiosk is the extended aisle that turns brick & mortar stores into destination experiences and helps retailers solve one of their biggest issues: Selection!
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Add More Square Feet
Catalog Kiosk is the virtual extension of your physical showroom and adds thousands of products you would otherwise not be able to accommodate in your physically limited space. Learn more at catalogkiosk.com.
Always Up-To-Date
Catalog Kiosk is always up-to-date. No need to reprint paper catalogs when products change. Discontinued items are removed automatically so you only show what's really available. Learn about all the features at catalogkiosk.com.
Sell More
It's that simple. Catalog Kiosk increases sales significantly. Customers love the visual shopping experience and your sales associates have a powerful tool at their disposal to counter show-rooming and cross-shopping.

Marketing Automation

Convert Lost Leads Into Real Sales

Wondersign has partnered with Hatch to offer marketing automation for the kiosk. Leads generated from retailer’s in-store kiosk will automatically receive follow-up marketing communications once they leave the store. Retailers see a 40% close rate* with marketing automation for Catalog Kiosk. To sign up visit wondersign.usehatchapp.com

*individual results may vary

Shopper Analytics

Learn More About Your Customer

Wondersign Shopper Analytics provides retailers with invaluable data - straight from their stores. Kiosks collect usage data, popular categories, hot products, consumer terminology, search patterns, and abandoned carts. This data can be used to train Retail Sales Associates and can influence store layout, product line-up, marketing, and even pricing strategy.

Features & Functionality:


  • Always up-to-date digital product catalog for brick & mortar retail
  • Entire catalog can be priced for retail, rental, and financing
  • Real-time inventory levels from manufacturer (premium feature)
  • Social sharing features to enable instant purchase approval
  • Shopping cart on kiosk for streamlined path to purchase
  • App available in multiple languages
  • Access to shopper analytics and consumer data for re-marketing
  • Product associations to link products to up-sell and cross-sell items
  • Exchangeable attractor screens for customized look and feel

Frequently Asked Questions

Catalog Kiosk is the digital version of a product catalog. It’s a touch application for kiosks in brick & mortar stores. Catalog Kiosk runs on Apple iPads and Android tablets to be used as a hand-held product catalog for sales associates, as well as Google Chrome OS devices for large format kiosks.

Absolutely! Catalog Kiosk gives you the ability to price your entire catalog. It lets you create timed promotions and change general price multipliers for entire categories or individual prices for single products on the fly. You can create multiple pricing tiers for retail, rent-to-own/lease-to-own, as well as financing.

Catalog Kiosk automatically updates the product database multiple times a day and only includes products that are currently available from their manufacturer or distributor. Discontinued items will be removed from our product feeds automatically and will not be displayed in the app.

Technically yes, however we don’t recommend using non-certified hardware to run the program. Here’s why: There are a lot of moving parts, such as firmware updates, OS updates, software updates – and using hardware that is not officially certified by Wondersign is not tested and we cannot guarantee compatibility and full functionality. Also, our support team doesn’t have a way to remotely troubleshoot the devices that aren’t enrolled into our device management, therefore we cannot support custom installations.

Yes. Catalog Kiosk is updated over the Internet and requires a stable connection using either WiFi, wired LAN, or we can provide a solution for 4G/LTE connection. The Catalog Kiosk application is offline-capable and customers in your store can still browse products while the kiosk is offline, however for sharing features and the shopping cart to work, kiosks need to be online.

Yes. Catalog Kiosk is available from the App Store and can be downloaded to any iPad running an up-to-date iOS version. Catalog Kiosk requires at least 3 GB of available storage on the device. To receive product data you will need an individually configured account, linked to your manufacturer’s account number.

Same thing. Catalog Kiosk is available from Google Play Store and can be downloaded to any Android tablet running an up-to-date OS version. Catalog Kiosk requires at least 3 GB of available storage on the device. To receive product data you will need an individually configured account, linked to your manufacturer’s account number.

Catalog Kiosk is a virtual extension of your physical showroom. It’s actually a perfect fit for smaller stores because it allows you to show many products you would otherwise not be able to accomodate in your physically limited space.

We recommend at least one stationary kiosk for your customers to interact with for each 3,000 sqft of retail floor space. Additionally, consider equipping your sales staff with the mobile tablet version of the Catalog, which will give them access to all products at any time no matter where they are inside the store.

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