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Smart Digital Bulletin Boards For Campuses

Visualize what’s already there: Slides, Spreadsheets, Calendars - CSIN visualizes any information across the entire campus. And the best part: Real-time emergency alerting is always included.
Connect Your Campus
Automated Alerting
CSIN integrates with weather.gov. Severe weather watches and warnings are fully automated and show pre-defined messages across all or only specific screens. Also, CSIN lets you manually trigger alerts and alarms.
Few Requirements
CSIN requires power, an Internet connection, as well as at least one data source; for example Google Calendar to visualize upcoming school events for students, teachers, and parents alike.
Low Subscription Cost
CSIN display licenses are available as an annual subscription and are calculated per screen. Screen licenses are $228 per year. This includes device management as well as technical support via email and phone.

Visualize what’s already there:

Slides, Spreadsheets, Calendars - CSIN visualizes this information across the entire campus. No log-in, no complex software, no extra tools. Connected screens serve as remotely controlled digital bulletin boards. In case of an emergency CSIN displays crucial evacuation information - fully automated or triggered manually.

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How It works

Your Internal Communication On Autopilot

CSIN connects to your existing programs and systems. Our smart APIs work with a multitude of data sources, such as G Suite for Education or Dropbox - for example - to automatically gather and update information that needs to be displayed on the screens. No need to log in to yet another proprietary system to manage your digital displays.

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