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Up-To-Date Catalogs. Everywhere!

The same up-to-date, fully priced catalog data on your Catalog Kiosk App is now available for your website!

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Keep your in-store and online experience consistent with clean, up-to-date data synced automatically.

Synchronize Product Data Across Channels

The biggest challenge with product data is to keep it current and synchronized across multiple systems. Today's omnichannel shoppers expect and need product information to be clean and as enriched as possible.

Omnichannel shoppers use multiple channels when making a purchase decision. On average they make up the majority 73% of shoppers and spend 4% more in physical stores and 10% more online. 

Having clean, normalized, and kitted data across channels is valuable as it:

Creates an omnichannel shopping experience

Saves time

Assists lead generation

Eliminates order errors

Give Shoppers a Consistent Experience

 Keep your catalog information in sync across all sales channels. From your in-store kiosks and tablets to your online store, give shoppers a consistent experience no matter where they browse.

How it Works

Where Can I Use My Data?

Use Data API to feed your e-commerce website, your social media shop, product ads, local listings, and marketplace accounts. With various endpoints available to pull specifically curated catalogs, for example, Data API is as flexible as it gets.

Wondersign's powerful Data API offers your account-specific product data feed in various formats for your website provider or online agency. Use it to build rich user experiences based on clean and always-up-to-date product data.

What's Included in My Data Feed?

Your data feed includes: 

  • All product details - SKU, Title, Description, Dimensions, Weight, Brand, etc.
  • Product variants and options to avoid redundancy
  • Explosion of Component SKUs in Kits/Bundles and Pieces Per Package 
  • Cost, Retail, "Compare At" Price, MAP, MSRP (if available from vendor)
  • Normalized taxonomy with categories and subcategories and normalized colors
  • Filterable Options and Fields such as "Product Type", "Material", "Style", and many more

"Shop The Look" for Your Website

Increase your average order value with hot-spot based shopping. Our "scenes" endpoint  through designer-inspired room idea collections.  

The Data API feed includes the raw product data for the main image, the x and y coordinates for the "hot spot" markers, and the SKUs associated with each marker (including variants and options). This allows your website developer to build a "shop the look" experience to replicate the "collections" on Wondersign's Catalog Kiosk app.

It's Time For Clean Data - Online & In-Store

Sync up your catalog information between in-store kiosks, your website, online shops, and any other sales channel that should be using normalized product data.

Direct Data Sync

E-Commerce On Autopilot

Wondersign makes it even easier for you to automatically keep your website in complete sync. We work with leading e-commerce platforms to provide your product and pricing feed completely automated - we call the integration "Connectors".

  • Synced Product & Pricing Data - product information and pricing in constant sync online and offline - fully automated, no manual efforts needed.

  • Includes Navigation - automated category mapping and automatic website navigation to kickstart your e-commerce project.

  • Advanced Product Variant & Collection Data - use variant data for color, size, and configuration of items to eliminate seemingly duplicate products.
  • Linked Shared Products - products shared via text message and email from our kiosk app link to the same product page in your Shopify or BigCommerce store.

  • Kiosk Mobile Checkout - use Shopify or BigCommerce as a transaction engine to turn your in-store kiosks and tablets into a mobile POS.

  • Color Normalization - for smooth filtering between multiple brands abstract colors like "Sage" or "Emerald" are mapped to easy-to-use color definitions like "Green".

*Advanced Shopify Plan required for Connectors integration.

Wondersign Rocky Point Furniture Store

We created a Shopify store to show you how easy it is to use our Data API connector. If we did it, so can you!

Show Off Your Product Variants - Instead Of Duplicates

Your feed is formatted for a better shopping experience. The product data makes it easy to sell products with variants such as color, configuration options, or size.


Many products and categories have size variants - the most popular ones being beds, mattresses, and rugs. Once a size is selected, the product information (including pricing) updates to match the selected size variant.


Instead of clogging up pages with endless color options, we group color variants and allow your online shoppers to quickly toggle through them.

Did we mention, colors are normalized across all vendor feeds?


More complex items, such as sectionals, feature a “configuration” variant - allowing your shoppers to see multi-piece configuration options at a glance. With pricing and the corresponding SKUs updated in real-time.

Text with Leads and Close the Deal

Wondersign and Podium have teamed up for a re-marketing text integration. Engage in two-way text conversations with shoppers who shared products and shopping carts from your Wondersign Catalog Kiosk App. You can now see the responses from shoppers and follow up to close the deal.

Manually Download Product Data

Export Data to CSV

Don't have a way to implement a full-blown API? Our easy-to-use CSV downloader gives you the product data and pricing in a spreadsheet format - all with one simple click!

Add-On to Your Retailer Essentials Plan

Data API Add-On

Full access to raw product Data API for one URL and up to 10,000 visits per month. Our endpoints offer master catalog, curated assortments by sales channel, pricing options, "hot-spot" scenes data, and variants/options for a best-in-class e-commerce experience.


When paid annually. Monthly Plan: $118/mo

Connectors Add-On

Sync your website with your in-store devices and your POS. Our seamless Connectors services keep your webstore in constant sync - completely automated.


When paid annually. Monthly Plan: $118/mo

Get Started with Clean Data

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