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Digital Media Distribution

Digital Signage can be very simple: Wondersign offers a cloud-based content management console that is one of the most intuitive in the industry. Simply drag & drop your content into your playlist, from anywhere in the world.
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Automatic Transcoding
Wondersign has a simple answer to one of the biggest issues with Digital Signage content: Dozens of formats, hundreds of codecs, and oftentimes incompatible systems. Not with us. Any source format is automatically transcoded in the cloud.
Amazing Simplicity
While everybody thinks their own system is easy to use, Wondersign's platform lets you create and schedule a playlist literally in minutes. No learning curve, no training necessary, and no need for "certified experts" just to display a few slides or a video.
HTML5 Widgets
A touch application to check in at the doctor, a calendar-based room signage solution for a hotel meeting floor, a dynamic video gallery for an exhibit hall - you name it, you build it (or you let us do it), Wondersign will deliver the content and help you monitor the system.
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Interactive Kiosks In Minutes

Wondersign allows you to distribute HTML5 widgets that turn into touch apps on any connected touchscreen. We are happy to assist with hardware selection, widget creation, content distribution, and of course rollout and technical support.

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True Plug & Play Solutions For Your Business

Ambient TV: A Subtle Yet Powerful In-Store Tool


Retailers around the globe hang TVs and show random daytime programming on mute. While bright and dynamic content might add life to a physical showroom, there’s more to consider. Depressing headlines, sports results from yesterday, or even worse: Your competitor’s ad on your premises are not necessarily great examples of content. And you even pay for that. Wondersign’s Ambient TV uses carefully curated content that increases time spent in the store, and puts shoppers in a good mood. It also serves as an ice breaker between sales associate and customer.

Segmenting, Dayparting, and Upselling


With FDA regulations forcing food service businesses to include nutritional information on menus, digital menu boards and interactive kiosks reduce labor and printing cost. They are also great up-selling tools and – when designed and implemented properly – can increase sales by double digits.

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