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Catalog Kiosk is the leading 'Endless Aisle' solution for retail! It has helped transform brick & mortar stores into destination experiences. Thousands of retailers have achieved double-digit sales lift thanks to Catalog Kiosk. Are you ready to join the retail evolution?
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Virtually Bigger Showroom

City Furniture started as a futon-only business and has been able to expand their product selection of furniture and mattresses greatly. Thanks to their in-store catalog business supported by adding an ‘endless aisle’ kiosk to their showroom, this all happened without adding a single square foot of expensive showroom.

City Furniture originated as a 2,000 sq ft futon store in Denver, Colorado. Ross Cortez and Matt Butitta are the joint owners of both “City Furniture” locations in town. They have been in the home furnishings industry for over 25 years and have never experienced much success with catalog sales in either of their locations. Until… they discovered Wondersign’s ‘endless aisle’ concept, Catalog Kiosk, at a furniture trade show.

The two businessmen had been waiting for a technology that would bring complete and always up-to-date product catalogs to your fingertips. Adding the kiosk was a no-brainer for the duo as it allowed them to sell more than just futons. They now provide a wide variety and big selection of furniture and mattresses, despite their rather small showrooms.

Our kiosk has doubled add-on sales!

City Furniture has embraced ‘Catalog Kiosk’ and uses it to enhance the in-store experience for their guests. With a coffee and tea station set up nearby, they encourage shoppers to get comfortable and take their time browsing hundreds of products. Guests embrace this process and regularly add more items to their shopping cart than ever before. It’s no surprise that the kiosk has doubled City Furniture’s add-on sales and helped increase average ticket size. Ross and Matt could not be happier with the results and plan to add more kiosks as they open more stores. “The kiosk has transformed our business and allows us to grow, since we no longer have to purchase a larger showroom!” Ross concludes.

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On Tuesday the Elk Grove location sold a $5,000 order and they told me it was because they could expand the pictures much larger than any paper catalog page and see detail that otherwise was not visible on the catalog pages.
American Furniture Galleries
Sacramento, CA
I added a 3,000 sq foot youth department to my store without any new construction. Thanks Wondersign!
Family Furniture
Stuart, FL
Our new Wondersign kiosk is a magnet to our customers and has created more inquiries on products that have led to more pieces per order and higher average sales check!
Simply Discount
Santa Clarita, CA

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Small-Town Store With Big Ambitions

Hardware Hank is a family-owned hardware store in small-town Warren, Minnesota. Just one year after adding their ‘endless aisle’ furniture kiosk, the furniture category was their number 1 dollar department.

Hardware Hank is a traditional small-town hardware store, a part of the United Hardware cooperative. With fierce competition from a major hardware chain right across the street, Hardware Hank owner Tim Finseth was looking for a solution that would help him add furniture to his store without stealing floor space from his core product categories. Before starting with this new tool, Tim had two concerns: 1. Would people really buy furniture from a hardware store? And 2. Would they be willing to make major purchases from a touch screen?

Tim took a leap of faith after hearing a lot of success stories from other retailers. He introduced his 42” ‘endless aisle’ kiosk showcasing furniture and bedding to his guests, allowing them to browse and shop thousands of SKUs not displayed in the store. With the closest furniture retailer over 30 miles away, offering a large selection of furniture items in Tim’s store was a much needed addition for the local population of Warren.

And to Tim’s pleasant surprise, guests have been very receptive and comfortable making purchases from the kiosk without ever seeing the merchandise in person. Since shoppers are able to zoom in on large images, read up on product details, and text themselves dimensions and other information, they are knowledgeable and feel empowered – eliminating any hesitation to buy from a touchscreen. The technology has also added a unique experience to the store – one which their local hardware competitor cannot provide.

Without the kiosk, we wouldn't have been able to add furniture as a category to the store and make all these sales.

Catalog Kiosk has taken Hardware Hank’s furniture category from being non-existent to becoming their number 1 dollar department in just one year! Store owner Tim said it best, “It paid for itself in the first 3 months and has been generating profit ever since!”

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Wondersign Catalog Kiosk is amazing. It’s an essential tool we use every day. It’s fantastic when ordering/completing bedroom groups and has eliminated ordering mistakes.
Rosso’s Furniture
Gilroy, CA
The Wondersign is a terrific tool for our store. The salespeople find it easy to use and beneficial when helping guests. We have had sales both big and small as a direct result of having the Wondersign kiosk.
Compass Furniture
Jefferson, LA
Catalog Kiosk is one of the best things that we have ever done for our furniture sales. The kiosk probably paid for itself 10 times over the first 90 days it was in our showroom.
Clinton Appliance & Furniture Co. Inc
Clinton, NC

Closing More Deals Every Day

Furniture Country in Gainesville, Florida, uses their kiosk as a lead collection tool! The store is able to grasp guest contact information to follow-up with them after they leave the store. Their follow-up process has created approximately 8 additional sales per month with an average ticket size of over a $1000. Money that was left on the table before!

Furniture Country has been a well-known name in the Gainesville community for over 35 years. Adding Wondersign’s ‘Catalog Kiosk’ to their store to increase the product selection was a logical next step. The staff loves how intuitive it is to use and that it makes it easier to send orders and create invoices from the sales floor.

Furniture Country’s sales process encourages shoppers to use the social sharing features on the kiosk. This feature allows guests to email or text product information to themselves or loved ones and, at the same time, collects their contact information for the store’s re-marketing purposes. Furniture Country uses an integrated automated conversation platform so sales associates can follow-up with customers after they have left the store.

I’m getting an extra two sales a week that I would not have gotten otherwise.

The kiosk lead process has created a greater number of returning customers. It has also brought in additional revenue from re-targeting shoppers who had left the store and otherwise would have been lost. Since Furniture Country has started using their kiosk to follow up with hot leads it has increased their conversion rate and has added revenue. General Manager John Hammonds says, “It can make a sales process much, much easier,” and “it is absolutely the future of brick & mortar.”

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"It paid for itself in the first 3 months and has been generating sales ever since!"

Tim Finseth
Owner Hardware Hank
Warren, MN

Set Up Shop Anywhere

Funko used the ‘endless aisle’ app as an impromptu kiosk to showcase their extensive product catalog at a trade show. Attendees could browse the digital catalog to find collectibles for purchase regardless if they were displayed in the show booth or not.

Funko is a globally operating company that manufactures licensed pop culture collectibles, best known for its licensed vinyl figurines and bobbleheads. With thousands of different SKUs, it can be hard to always display everything – even though the figurines are quite handy in size.

At Japan Expo in Paris, France, Funko Europe was looking for a smart way to display a digital catalog so attendees can browse hundreds of collectibles and purchase on the spot. By using the ‘Catalog Kiosk’ iOS app on iPads, Funko was able to quickly spin up consumer-facing devices at their booth.

The tablets helped to virtually expand the trade show booth so Funko could show more and ultimately sell more! Just like the use at a trade show is temporary, the ‘Catalog Kiosk’ application allows retailers to take their store on the go and set up pop-up shops or implement a store-within-a-store concept. ‘Endless aisle’ kiosks are not only a permanent solution in brick & mortar stores, they are helping place stores nearly anywhere.

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Proven Instant ROI

9 out of 10 retailers see an immediate return on their investment after installing Catalog Kiosk. Discover how much additional revenue you could be making with an ‘endless aisle’ in your store!

Adding Wondersign to our store has significantly increased special order sales. Having thousands of items pre-priced with measurements, series details and photos is incredible. We saw a return on our investment in the first 60 days and would highly recommend Wondersign to any dealer.
Best Furniture Mentor
Mentor, OH
Our 42” Wondersign paid for itself in 10 days! This new sales tool is trending an additional $300,000 plus in sales to our current retail sales trends for the year. Paper catalogs have been thrown away and are no longer needed!
Faith Furniture
Manhattan, KS
Usually there is a line of customers at the Wondersign kiosk. I need to get a 2nd one for the store.
Railway Freight
Albany, GA

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