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The Game Changer For Your Customer Experience

Kayla Ford Kayla Ford 4 min read
The Game Changer For Your Customer Experience

The entire Home Furnishings Industry is looking for ways to better visualize products and to bridge that gap between showroom floor and actual product experience, especially when the product is not physically present while the guest is shopping. New technologies such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are exciting tools that create a lot of buzz, they are still in their infancy with kinks that need to be worked out, prohibitive equipment, and a very hefty price point with – at best – unclear ROI.


“If Only I Could Just Tap On It To Buy”


When we speak with our customers at Furniture Markets and during store visits, one specific feedback comes up very consistently: “If only I could just tap on the item I want to look at, like this rug, for example.” This makes a ton of sense since guests in the store are being served well-designed room packages with matching accessories and other cross-sell items. Consumers nowadays have come to expect ease of use – from the many pure-play eTailers that carefully put together well-calculated and margin-optimized product bundles. Why wouldn’t we want to take advantage of visually suggested style collections to make it easier for both RSA and guest to quickly find what they’re looking for – and then some!

One of the most important benefits of the visual browsing with “Room Ideas” is that the in-store kiosk takes you on a journey that might start at the dresser a guest has come to buy, and via the rug and some wall art they end up upgrading their entire home office. Adding products to the basket is now literally one tap of a finger.

Visual shopping creates a more engaging customer experience. Shoppers become immersed in the shopping experience and can better imagine the products they’re looking at in their own lives.  Room Ideas increases the average ticket size with interactive high-resolution browsing through designer-inspired room ideas.


Smart Up-Selling Thanks To “Common-Sense” Features


Built-in suggested quantities help further increase average ticket size by automatically recommending higher quantities for certain items. Below is a good example: Even though the second nightstand is not be directly visible in the picture, your guests can assume that second piece of furniture hidden behind the bed, as they can see the lamp on it. This common-sense approach is not only designed to make you more money, it also anticipates guest expectation.

Catalog Kiosk visual shopping with product hot spots.


Show Your Guest Exactly What They’re Looking For


Before “Room Ideas” your guests were offered static furniture sets that they could add to the cart – not much to add or to remove. With “Room Ideas” you give your guests options to get the entire suggested collection or to very specifically select individual items from that set. Smart product variants will automatically group items like Dresser and Mirror as a designer-recommended default combination. However, if your guest is only looking to get the dresser, they can flip between variants with the tap of a finger.


Catalog Kiosk visual shopping with product hot spots. Add items to cart.

Streamline Path to Purchase For Seamless Customer Experience


Conveniently placed “Add to Cart” buttons on every product offering help streamline the purchase process. Your guests can add all furniture shown in the scene, all accessories, or pretty much the entire product “Room Idea”. This adds the desired products to the shopping cart and your guests can continue their shopping experience. Your guests are able to review and edit the shopping cart at any time. They can easy increase and decrease quantities as well as remove or add items throughout the purchase process. Our new Unlimited Plan allows for POS system integration, which is actually a two-way sync to push products directly into your POS cart for faster and easier checkout.


Product Associations to Increase Your Overall Ticket Size 


Smart product suggestions are helping to increase overall ticket size. Catalog Kiosk “Room Ideas” is the perfect way to offer upsell and cross-sell items. Products in featured room designs are linked to other suggested scenes. If a customer is searching a bedroom scene and comes across a lamp they like they are able to search other designer created scenes to help visualize how they can use that lamp in other settings, like an office. This user flow takes the customer on a journey to designing their own space. Customers spend more time browsing and adding more and more items to their cart.

Alternative products option recommends additional designer chosen pieces that aren’t included in the scene. This is a great way to add to more variety and further engage the customer into the shopping experience, and in end increase the overall ticket size. The more time shoppers are spending in your store the more invested they come and Catalog Kiosk is there to help close the sale.


Catalog Kiosk visual shopping with product hot spots. See other scenes with this product.

You Spoke, We Listened (And We Built It)


Wondersign is committed to continuous improvement and innovation to help you provide the best customer experience in your store. Visual shopping with “Room Ideas” was an idea built on your comments and requests. It makes shopping on the in-store kiosk easier and a more engaging experience for your customers. We value your feedback and work hard to provide you with the leading catalog kiosk solution to increase sales in your stores.

“Room Ideas” will automatically launch for all Catalog Kiosk customers on July 1st, 2018. More great features are right around the corner. Wondersign is excited to roll out these improvements to all our clients over the coming months.