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Wondersign's Catalog Kiosk solves one of the biggest brick & mortar problems: Selection! With interactive kiosks and hand-held tablets, consumers are offered a broader assortment of products in any physical store environment. Our lightning-fast app doesn't require a constant Internet connection and works on Chrome, Android, and iOS.
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Data Visualization For First Responders

Public Safety Information Network (PSIN) makes a difference when seconds matter. Connected screens display mission-critical information to first responders, including dispatch information in real-time, maps and images of the location, and the fastest route from the station.
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Campus Safety & Information Network

CSIN is specifically designed for schools, colleges, universities, and medical campuses. Connected screens serve as remotely controlled digital bulletin boards. In case of an emergency, CSIN displays crucial alerting information - fully automated or triggered manually from a mobile device.
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Catalog Kiosk provides your store with an Endless Aisle solution making limited floor space a problem of the past. To learn more visit

Everybody loves an upsell! The New Catalog Kiosk allows you to associate specific accessories with selected furniture items to further increase average sale size. 📈👍For more information on Catalog Kiosk features visit

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