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Wondersign’s Catalog Kiosk solves one of the biggest brick & mortar issues: Narrow Selection! With interactive in-store kiosks and hand-held tablets, consumers are offered a broader assortment of products in any physical store environment. Our lightning-fast app doesn’t require a constant Internet connection and can integrate with other mission-critical systems such as POS, eCommerce, Sales Automation, and Real-Time Inventory.
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Thousands of retailers have discovered the one tool with proven double-digit sales lift. They sell more, need less square footage, and increase their average ticket size - all while guests enjoy a better in-store experience. Are you ready to upgrade the experience in your stores?
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Retailers use “Catalog Kiosk” on touch screen kiosks and sales tablets. Our endless aisle application is packed with profit-generating features to make your associates look good, to manage consumer expectations, and to keep your guests in the store happy.
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