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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Wondersign is known for our extended aisle kiosk technology for retailers and brands. Our company develops and maintains the Wondersign Platform, the leading digital catalog software that allows retailers to display an endless aisle of products for their store or online marketplace and better connect with today’s omni-channel shopper.

    Wondersign is a global company, headquartered in Tampa, FL with an office in San Diego, CA and many team members working remotely across the U.S. We also have a physical presence in Switzerland, where the company was originally founded, and we work with employees in Macedonia and Costa Rica.

    Wondersign was founded in 2002 as a full-service web agency. In 2009 the company launched a compellingly easy-to-use media distribution platform as a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) product. In 2015 Wondersign developed the “Catalog Kiosk App” – a digital catalog application for touch-screen kiosks and tablets. Catalog Kiosk is being used by thousands of retailers around the globe as an extended aisle to solve one of their biggest problems: Selection.

    Yes. Wondersign works with resellers and referral partners. If interested in a partnership opportunity, please contact us for more details.

    All of our job openings are right here on our website. Please take a moment to read what we’re looking for to make sure we’re a fit. If you feel that your talents and traits are not listed, feel free to reach out to us via our LinkedIn page.

    Yes. Catalog Kiosk is updated over the Internet and requires a stable connection using either WiFi, wired LAN, or we can provide a solution for 4G/LTE connection. The Catalog Kiosk application is offline-capable and customers in your store can still browse products while the in-store kiosk is offline or has an insufficient connection, however for sharing features and the shopping cart to work, kiosks need to be online.

    Absolutely. When you sign up for the Wondersign Platform, one of our experts walks you through how to use the platform, the app, and how to maximize the return on your investment.

    In addition, we offer an extensive knowledge base with help articles that walk you through certain processes and Wondersign offers technical support Monday – Friday from 9 AM-8 PM ET and Saturday 9 AM-6 PM ET to help resolve any issues with your account.

    The first step would be to sign up for our newsletter, a great way to stay informed on industry news, studies, results, and useful information from various verticals. Follow us on your favorite social media service, be it Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn – we’re happy to engage in a conversation with you!

    Absolutely! Our status page is the best way to quickly see what’s going on and you can subscribe for updates, so you will be informed about every change in service availability.

    Signing up is easy: Either fill out this contact form, or contact us via email at sales@wondersign.com,  call (toll-free) at 1-855-408-9966 or start a chat session by clicking the blue chat icon in the lower right corner of this page.