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Discover the endless aisle platform thousands of retailers use to create a complete omnicommerce experience.
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The All-In-One Product Syndication Platform

Use the Wondersign Catalog Platform to customize your product catalog. Manage the product selection, set and manage your pricing terms, select distribution channels, and tailor the appearance of the app all in one place.
Efficient & Automated Data Imports
Connect brand catalogs and data sources to your platform for fast and easy import and updates.
Data Management Tools
Manage inventory levels, set pricing, and designate selling channels for visualizing your product information.
Advanced Platform Integrations
Fully integrated solutions for e-commerce, transactions, re-marketing, and more.

Industry-Leading Endless Aisle Solution

The Catalog Kiosk App

Catalog Kiosk is the digital version of a product catalog. It’s a touch application for in-store kiosks and tablets in brick & mortar stores. Discover how thousands of retailers are using this tool to lift sales and increase average ticket size.

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A Consistent Omnichannel Experience

Synced Data for Your Website

Shoppers use multiple purchasing channels before making a buying decision and consistency across platforms is necessary to compete with major big-box retailers. Having synced and kitted data across channels is valuable as it:

• Saves time

• Eliminates order errors

• Assists in lead generation

• Creates an omnichannel shopping experience

Wondersign's Data API solution provides your specific product data feed in various formats- for your website provider or online agency.

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Partners & Integrations

Connect to the Tools You Use

Seamlessly connect with the rest of your technology platforms.

Transactional integrations help create a seamless end-to-end sales journey. Whether shoppers want to check out via mobile phone or finance their purchase - give your shoppers the power to choose without disrupting the sales process.

Re-marketing integrations help you reconnect with guests who've visited your store physically or virtually. The platform collects valuable lead information that you can use to bring shoppers back.

Commerce integrations help connect the platform with your everyday commerce tools. From connecting your POS for up-to-date inventory records to direct syncs with your Shopify store* the opportunities are endless. *Shopify Plus Plan required for Direct Sync integration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Wondersign Platform automates product catalogs and pricing across all your selling channels. The Platform acts as the source of truth for all your commerce platforms including in-store endless aisle kiosks, sales tablets, e-commerce websites, social media platforms, and other online marketplaces.

The Catalog App, used on in-store kiosks and tablets, virtually expands your showroom providing greater selection for shoppers. By adding thousands of products to your floor, the kiosk maximizes your revenue, generating more dollars per square foot. The kiosk app also has smart product associations that suggest items similar to the ones the user is browsing for. This helps increase your average order value / average ticket size.

Absolutely! The Wondersign Platform gives you the ability to price your entire catalog. It lets you create timed promotions and set up multipliers for categories or individual prices for single products on the fly. You can create margin and markup-based pricing tiers for retail, rent-to-own/ lease-to-own, as well as financing.

Yes! The Wondersign Platform can be used to manage and display inventory numbers. Real-time factory availability of items (if that brand/manufacturer or data source provides this information) and local retailer inventory can be displayed side-by-side. Most of the brands we currently carry have inventory data available.

Local retailer inventory is also available to display stock levels for local warehouses and showrooms. This can be connected through a manual file upload or a secure FTP (SFTP) upload to seamlessly integrate the platform with your POS/ERP software.

The Wondersign Platform automatically updates the product database in real-time to only include products that are currently available from the manufacturer, distributor, or other data source. Discontinued items will be removed from our product feeds automatically and will not be displayed in the app or at your defined endpoints, unless you have that item on-hand in your local inventory so it can still be displayed until inventory is depleted.

Yes. We offer various certified kiosk bundles that include touchscreen solutions, stands, pre-loaded computer units, as well as on-site installation in the US. In Canada, we work with a fulfillment partner.

For managed kiosks, the hardware has to be certified to run the program. We are happy to provide a list of certified hardware components. Wondersign certifies hardware to make sure that all parts stay compatible. We keep up with firmware and OS changes so you don’t have to worry about losing features or functionality. Anything outside of certified hardware can not be supported by our customer experience team and we cannot guarantee compatibility and full functionality.

Absolutely! The Catalog Kiosk App is available as a tablet app for iPads, Microsoft Surface, and Android tablets in Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Please make sure your operating system is updated and also ensure you have at least 3GB of storage available on the device.

Depending on the industry you’re in, we offer a variety of brands and are continuously adding new brands. To request an up-to-date list please email sales@wondersign.com.

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