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Retail’s Powerful New Tool To Fix A Narrow Assortment

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Retail’s Powerful New Tool To Fix A Narrow Assortment

Wondersign Introduces New ‘Catalog Kiosk’ Endless Aisle App


Interactive technology provider Wondersign is excited to introduce an all-new release of its highly successful endless aisle application ‘Catalog Kiosk’. In only 3 years Catalog Kiosk has grown to over 7,500 deployments in the home furnishings industry, driving double-digit sales lifts. This powerful digital catalog solution is now available to all retail verticals.

Tampa, FL / San Diego, CA / Las Vegas, NV (March 19, 2018)- Catalog Kiosk is an endless aisle application for brick & mortar retailers, solving one of their biggest challenges: Selection. Limited floor space means limited assortment. Catalog Kiosk allows retailers to create a true omnichannel experience with an almost limitless product selection. This is proven to close more business on the spot as consumers can browse a full digital catalog instead of leaving the store. In addition, Catalog Kiosk collects valuable shopper analytics that can be used for remarketing by the retailer to get consumers back in the store or onto the retailer’s website.


Purposely Built For Retail Environments And Their Challenges


One of the core features of Catalog Kiosk is its offline capability. It’s a native application, specifically built for weak or flakey Internet connections, and it’s quick and responsive – unlike kiosks that just put a website on a touch screen. Wondersign has a proven track record with over 7,500 in-store kiosks and tablets deployed in the home furnishings industry alone. Catalog Kiosk consistently shows 12% to 17% sales lifts on average, for retailers with historically strong catalog business it’s even higher.


Manufacturer Catalogs As Managed Solution


Wondersign works directly with manufacturers to create and curate their product catalogs and make them available to their dealer networks. Alternatively, a retailer’s own product data can be used from various sources to create their in-store catalog. Its open architecture allows Catalog Kiosk to connect with existing POS and ERP systems to further streamline the path to purchase in the store. “We pride ourselves on creating sales tools that are far more than just a shiny new object. We are thrilled to now offer Catalog Kiosk as a powerful endless aisle solution to brick & mortar stores in all verticals”, says Andy Reinhard, CEO of Wondersign.


About Catalog Kiosk
Wondersign’s Catalog Kiosk turns brick & mortar businesses into destination experiences for today’s omnichannel shoppers. The endless aisle solution virtually expands store showrooms, allowing thousands of products to be available to shoppers. Catalog Kiosk is an offline capable application for Chrome OS, Android, and iOS. Catalog Kiosk increases sales significantly, allowing for double-digit lifts. For more information about Catalog Kiosk, please visit


About Wondersign
Wondersign is a global cloud-based interactive digital signage company headquartered in Tampa, FL with offices in San Diego, CA, Chicago, IL, and Winterthur, Switzerland. Wondersign uses digital displays and touch screen kiosks to visualize mission-critical information for retailers, first responders, and school campuses. Wondersign develops and maintains the software, delivers and installs the hardware equipment, and supports thousands of customers around the globe seven days a week. To learn more about Wondersign please visit


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